Today’s lifestyle is of course directed by “living” in luxury markets and at the same time wearing modern, comfortable and affordable clothes and shoes. Somewhere in between we believe that buying luxury products is equal to having the best ones with the finest quality.

 But, how true is this?

 Exactly this questions let us to create our brand premium pieces that we simply call it: ”Martin Walker”.

 Why not create a luxurious, fashionable and affordable pair of shoes, you can wear daily and on special events as well?

So…we made for you the Martin Walker loafers. Shoes that:

  • Work for every occasion
  • Are Comfort and Modern
  • Handmade by the most skilled shoemakers
  • With a price less than $ 200


shadow peanut loafers affordable luxury shoes



The difference between our MartinWalker’s and traditional brands is that we have cut out expensive marketing campaigns, retail markups & distribution as well.

From our artisan’s factories is shipped direct-to-you. Our production is based in Europe, where nowadays many well-known international companies have chosen to produce their goods, and their craftsmen have years experience in handmade shoe manufacture market. We have collaborated with small artisan’s family owned factories to produce quality pieces for our customers. Every piece of raw material is carefully picked out focusing on the details and design.

Our MartinWalker’s are with you from morning to evening, all day long. We want the best for our clients that’s why we were so picky about having everything made with quality and in a timeless design.

 We guarantee you that our handmade MartinWalkers are made with lot of love and passion. We have dedicated everything more than two years on creating high quality shoes, but with fair prices.

You can wear them daily.
For your pleasure and comfort.
Affordable by almost everyone.

We share the same vision that “Something made out of love, won’t get lost or underestimated”.

Thank you for allowing us to do what we love, and for spreading the word. Thank you for trusting us.

 Martin Walker Team